A closeup view of a dental laser emitting light.Laser technology is the future— and the future is here, now! Right now only about 15% of dentists have been trained and certified to use these devices for dental applications. The WaterLase™ Dental Laser works by emitting a microscopic beam of concentrated laser energy which interacts with a mist of water vapor. When the energized laser touches a water molecule, the water atoms are vaporized in a microscopic reaction. This is used to cut away diseased tissue, kill germs and stop pain. The energized light allows the activated water molecules to vaporize any dental soft or hard structures it is focused upon. The laser energy turns nerve fibers off and can minimize discomfort when it is used. Many patients need NO ANESTHESIA during treatments.

Laser energy has the unusual benefit of speeding the healing response wherever it is used. There is very little inflammation from laser procedures, which means it hurts less afterwards.

We introduce the laser under the gumline to kill germs that cause gum disease and promote rapid healing. During root canal treatment, a thin, fiber-optic extension can be placed down inside the canal to vaporize the bacteria involved in those infections. If a patient is bothered by a bump or small tumor on the gums or cheek, the WaterLase can allow removal those lesions in seconds, often with little or no pain and almost no post-operative discomfort.

Recurring herpes lesions or ‘canker sores’ on the lips are a very common problem. These lesions are unsightly, painful and embarrassing. Medications are available to help reduce the severity, but use of the WaterLase laser is the only treatment available that will clear these viral lesions in a day or two.