Filings Before and After - Robert Wilkoff, dds.General dentistry relates to the standard methods that are used in this practice to take care of normal dental problems that people tend to experience.

Composite Resins have been in use for over 30 years with great success in dentistry. Most cavities, defects and damage in teeth can be restored with these safe, inert materials. Unlike amalgam, composite resins are very safe (amalgam-silver fillings contain 50% MERCURY, a poisonous, toxic metal). Use of amalgam has already been eliminated in many european countries. In 2009, the City of Philadelphia Department of Health issued an alert for dentists to restrict the use of amalgam! Dr. Wilkoff's office is Mercury-Free.


We routinely replace old silver fillings with composite resins, porcelain or cast gold using the finest materials available. General dentistry also involves many of the typical treatments that people require. Dental emergencies are handled promptly and almost always on the same day we are contacted. Most tooth extractions and minor oral surgery can be done right here. Root canal therapy, tooth whitening procedures, sports mouth-guard appliances, treatment for excessive teeth grinding and bite problems are among the many comprehensive and safe therapies we provide on a day by day basis.

InvisalignInvisalignAlthough it is truly a separate specialty, ORTHODONTICS must to be mentioned here because we believe that understanding and treating simple cases of misaligned teeth should be in the realm of every GENERAL DENTIST. Dr Wilkoff has been involved in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment for over 25 years. He routinely treats orthodontic problems using standard braces, wires and rubber bands. Dr. Wilkoff is a certified Invisalign and ClearCorrect invisible orthodontics provider with years of experience using clear aligners. These new ‘invisible’ ortho treatments are available here for most patients’ basic orthodontic problems.

Root Canals

We perform root canals on all teeth, except 3rd molars. Our method is fast and usually painless, often taking a single visit to complete. We utilize a network of outside specialists for certain, complex situations.

Periodontal Treatment

Healthy adults and children should have a standard cleaning (prophylaxis) at least twice a year. If you have ever had gum disease, you will probably require cleanings more often. Periodontal (gum) treatment includes thorough education about the bacterial source of the disease and patient hygiene responsibilities. Treatments may include Root Planning and Scaling (usually requires anesthetic).