A young, blonde couple laughs outside in the sunshine.Dr. Wilkoff and his staff have a practice philosophy that is centered on providing a unique, personalized level of care that emphasizes excellence and quality in every aspect. He and his staff will always treat you and your children with the respect and courtesy you would show any valued guest visiting your home. Dr. Wilkoff likes to get to know each of his patients, so he will spend time really listening to your concerns. In order to learn about what�s really important for each person in the family, Dr. Wilkoff may take more than hour to ask questions. In our office, we want you to have all the information you need to make the best decisions for yourself and your children�s dental health. We love taking care of children!

Dr Wilkoff and the hygienists have developed a unique, family-friendly method of introducing youngsters to our modern dental practice. Most of the children in our practice absolutely LOVE coming to see us. We put a lot of effort into treating our patients in the most comfortable and pain-free manner possible. We strive to make each appointment more than just comfortable for you. We will spend as much time as necessary to answer any questions you may have. Your needs and concerns are very important, so we encourage you to share them with us openly and honestly. Dr Wilkoff keeps current with the latest innovations in dentistry so that we can educate you, and provide your family with the finest quality dentistry that is available today. We believe that our caring attitude is as important as the advanced technical skills we use. We work hard to make sure each visit is as easy and gentle as possible. This is not an HMO dental clinic and the level of expertise, care and personal attention we offer is extraordinary.