Our philosophy is to provide a unique, personalized level of care that emphasizes excellence in every aspect. Remember how doctors used to be, 30 or 40 years ago? Back then, they took the time to really listen, and developed lasting relationships with you and your children. In Dr. Wilkoff's modern dental practice, we still create this kind of special connection with our patients!

What sets this office apart:

  • We have made a commitment to excellence in the way we deliver dentistry. Delivering sophisticated, 'high-end' services, we offer a unique, relationship-based dental experience. Dr. Wilkoff's outstanding education and credentials set him apart from ordinary dentists with more than 35 years of post-graduate training. He recently earned a Fellowship in the (I.C.O.I.) International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • Laser Dentistry is the future. Dr. Wilkoff is one of the few dentists in the Philadelphia region using the fantastic WaterLase dental laser to treat his patients' unique dental problems. Dental lasers can vaporize decay, remove gum lesions, stop canker sores, speed root canals and much, much more. For many people, no anesthetic is necessary when laser energy is used for dental treatments.
  • Digital xrays improve our diagnostic ability and improve radiation safety. Digital xrays show the dentist much more detailed information than the old fashioned, film-based xrays. Most importantly, this new technology permits us to turn the xray beam strength down by 90%! That means much less radiation exposure than in older offices.

What to expect

Your first visit will be unlike any other dental experience you have ever had. For an adult, our initial interview with the doctor, digital xrays, photos and the dental examination will take about an hour and a half. Children take much less time. You will be completely involved in this part of the diagnostic experience.

Insurance and Billing

Dr. Wilkoff works with all dental insurance companies. Our office does not participate in HMOs, PPOs or DMOs, because these plans emphasize low-quality care and restrict the treatment options a dentist can offer. We accept checks, cash or credit cards and ask that payment be made at the time of service. We also offer a flexible payment plan through an outside health-care credit company.

This is not typical dental HMO clinic and the level of expertise, care and personal attention we offer is extraordinary.

Feel free to call our office or email us with any questions.